miles and miles to go before i sleep...

".........but before i sleep there are miles and miles to go!!!"

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Never make a major decision in a valley.

"We have a tendency of making major decisions while in low points of life.
These can be times of job loss, illness, the end of a relationship, or a financial disaster.
It's different for everyone, but the valleys create high levels of emotion, and no one can make a sound decision when it's based on fear, loss or disappointment.

Everything in life is cyclical; just a valley comes, so does the mountain top."

Monday, 9 August 2010

Days at NEERI, Nagpur.

The beautiful rangoli of Indian culture being created by a scientist's
wife on the occasion of a conference for saving the environment...

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Manipur Wiki

The Website initiated to share Knowledge of Manipur by the people of Manipur for the people how wish to know Manipur. The information is free and easy to access from every unit of the World and will be in your finger tip.
Its a platform where any one can edit and update the right information and credit goes to the person who edit and very user friendly. Manipur Wiki Article Competition is organised.

1. Gathering information related to history, social, geography, literature, arts, and culture related to Manipur.
2. Manitaining the above information (Point 1) with good faith and make it available as a copyright free resource on the web.
3. Making the above information (Point 1) available to all who wants for it, undated and edit by subject matter experts to provide correct information time and again.
4. More contents on the web on Manipur to depict ourselves who we are and where we come from and what we do to rest of the world.

Who are behind the Project?
The project is currently spearheaded by the Siroy Team ( Siroy Team has an experience of running and maintaining websites for about 3 years with two sites, and . The team is constituted by various web enthusiasts across the globe whose primary goal is working for a social cause pertaining to Manipur.

The Manipur Wiki Team ( )
The Siroy Team ( )
Ø To Know More about Manipur Wiki, Visit ,

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